A home away from home', is the concept of hostels in VICAS. Hostel facilities ATE VICAS, are provided for students with Excellent accommodation facilities with well furnished double and four occupancy rooms, Sprawling and Artistic layout, Hygienic Kitchen, Spacious Dining Halls for both under graduate and post graduate students separately. The hostel is has a common recreation room with TV which create a homely atmosphere. The entire hostel is computerized and have 24 hours internet access through WIFY. The Internet and of the Institute enable the students to constantly interact with each other and be connected to the outside world.

Students from all parts of the country and abroad congregate here and settle down to a life of ease and comfort without stress or strain. Hostel life inspires students to be flexible and diplomatic and instills in them team spirit and independent thinking. At present more than 3500 students accommodated in the hostels. The hostels are administered by wardens and they take utmost care of the students. Every hostel is provided with STD and ISD call services.