About the Department

Department of Commerce was established with B.Com Course during 1995, M.Com in 1995, B.Com(CA) 2001, M.Com(CA) & M.Phil in 2002 and Ph.D in 2013 .The aim of the department is to offer enriching learning experiences to aspiring young women scholars with knowledge of accountancy, trade activities, computer applications, auditing of accounts and research activities. At present the department has 431 First year UG students, 172 Second year UG students and 351 Third year UG students of B.Com & B.Com(CA) courses and 129 First year PG students, 39 Second year PG students, 25 M.Phil & 3 Ph.D scholars and 21 learned faculty members. As it is functioning under Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women, an Autonomous Institution and Affiliated with Periyar University, Salem, and the department has also been rated and recognized with respect to faculty, facilities, curricula and academic programme, and administrative system.

Vision & Mission


  • A passion for academic excellence
  • An enduring commitment to improving the quality of life of rural women


  • To offer enriching learning experiences to aspiring managers
  • To enable the students to realize their full potential

Salient Features

Approach VICAS MBA has a unique and innovative approach to business education, that focuses on providing the right knowledge, imparting the right skills for enduring success in management careers, and shaping the right attitudes.

Updated Curriculam

The curriculum offered to the students lays the foundation for a conceptual and analytical understanding of Indian and international business. The MBA programme is designed to closely integrate current management theory and practice.

Student Activities Programme

  • Every week-end students encouraged to hone their skills through students Association VERSATALIA

Placement Hour

  • Every day rigorous training on placement skills from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Soft Skill Development

  • Every day rigorous training on placement skills from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Courses Offered

UG Courses

  • B.Com
  • B.Com CA
  • B.B.A
  • B.Com Banking & Insurance
  • B.Com Accounting & Financing

PG Courses

  • M.Com
  • M.Com CA
  • MBA

Research Programmes

  • M.Phil (FT)
  • P.hD (PT/FT)


Duration of the Course 2 Years (4 Semesters) / Full Time
Eligibility   Commerce & Management Studies For M.Com/M.Com(CA)
  • B.COM (ALL Course )
  • A pass in a recognized Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3 years duration Student should have 10+2+3 years pattern of Education.
For M.B.A
  • A pass in a recognized Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3 years duration
  • Student should have 10+2+3 years pattern of Education
Candidates must have appeared for TANCET (or) “TNSF Consortium Common Entrance Test” for M.B.A admission

Elective — I

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Corporate Law

Elective — II

  • Resource Management Techniques
  • Global Business Management

Elective — III

  • Direct Tax
  • Co-Operation

Elective — IV

  • Principles and Practice of Insurance
  • Business Policies and Strategic Management

Annual Report

Commerce Department 2017 - 2018

Date Name of the Event Description of Event Chief Guest No. of Beneficiary
04.07.2017 MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME Modeling the youth towards skill developments Dr.Uma Sankar 320
12.7.2017 GUEST LECTURE Highlights of GST ShriJ.M.Kennedy, IRS 320
15.7.2017 GUEST LECTURE How to Conquer Sky Mr.K.V.Rajeskumar 220
18.07.2017 GUEST LECTURE ACS –Career Guidance Mr. S. Sundar swamy 400
23.8.2017 GUEST LECTURE Digital Banking Dr. S. Deepansa 400
06.09.2017 CLUB ACTIVITES Women Contemporary Leadership Dr.K. A. AGALYA 611
04.08.2017 CLUB ACTIVITES SEBI Sponsored Programme Dr.Chandra Sekar 611
05.08.2017 CLUB ACTIVITES Music Value –Tamil Culture Dr. R. Abhiramasundari  320
23.08.2017 CLUB ACTIVITES CMA –Career Awareness Programme CMA.R.Gopal 400
23.08.2017 CLUB ACTIVITES Banking –Career Awareness Programme Mr. L.Balaji 350
06.09.2017 CLUB ACTIVITES Women Contemporary Leadership Dr.K. A. Agalya 450
12.02.2018 CLUB ACTIVITES CMA –Career Awareness Programme Mr. R. Gopal,  300
23.02.2018 CLUB ACTIVITES Union Budget Analysis 2018 Mr.Balaji, 200
24.02.2018 MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME Constitutional Provisions for  Citizens of India. Dr. R. Kumudha,  40
28.02.2018 MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME UPSC Civil Service Examination Dr. A. Rajendran 216
19.12.2017 MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME New Guidelines of security Exchange Board of India Mr. L. Balaji 155
20.7.2017 MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME Legal Metrology Complaint Tracking System Mr.C.Manjalnathan 30
18.7.2017 MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME Life Education for Youth Dr.Kubedran  700
21.8.2017 MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME Valum Kalaisilambam Mr. M. Maignanam 320
01.2.2018 MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME Connect communicate deliver Mrs. Paramita Chaudhuri 200
8.1.2017 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Shared their experience of participation Mr.Devarajan 32
9.1.2017 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES Funded Projects Ms.Sugacini 32
8.1.2017 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES PPT Presentation on various Topics Mrs.S.Yasodha 15
9.1.2017 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES PPT Presentation on various Topics Mrs.S.Yasodha 42
9.1.2017 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES PPT Presentation on various Topics Mr.B.Karthigeyan  35
Sep-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES PPT Presentation on Goods & Service Tax Ms.S.Saranya 24
Sep-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES Chart Display Mr.A.P.Saravanan 42
Sep-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES Logical Reasoning Ms.R.Kavitha 24
Sep-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES PPT Presentation Dr.P.Munusamy 31
Sep-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES Chart Presentation Dr.P.Munusamy 25
Sep-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES Speech Ms.S.Sugacini 20
Sep-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES PPT Presentation - 14
Oct-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES PPT Presentation - 25
Oct-17 ASSOCIATION ACTIVITES PPT Presentation - 16
04.07.2017 &5.7.2017

EDUCATIONAL TOUR Cochin, Wonderla & Kanyakumari Dr.P.Munusamy,
20.08.2017 to 22.08.2017 EDUCATIONAL TOUR Banglore Mr.K.Mohan 64

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