ICT Academy

The college has been organizing 150 hours of training on Banking Financial services and Insurance Services (BFSI) for the alumni students to make them employable in association with ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) at free of cost since 2014.



  • 1. Hosted Teaching Techniques Faculty Development program from 23rd January to 24th January at our institution, 40 Faculties from our Group of Institutions were attended and certified.

  • 2. They Supported a Chief Guest for the National Conference on “Recent Trends in Data Mining Technologies“ which was held on 7th March at your institution and also we are worked as Association Partner for this Conference.

  • 3. Our department of Computer Science and Computer Applications students (30 in No’s ) and Three Faculty has attended ICTACT leadership youth submit 2017 and received certificates provided by ICT Academy.

  • 4.Our library have received Five International Journal on quarterly basis on Communication Technology, Image and Video Processing, Soft Computing, Micro Electronics and Management Studies.

  • 5. We are also received a monthly magazine “ICT Connect” on regular basis.

  • 6. Our Academic Dean sir Attended Chairman Meet and Industry – Institute Bridge Conference Organized by ICT Academy at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai on February 2017.

  • 7. We have offered 1000 Online Oracle Licensed Software for the benefits of our student community